Boston Marathon Results for TWRC members

Here are the results of our local runners who competed in the 115th running of the Boston Marathon that took place on April 18, 2011:

Tony Allison – 4:03:23
Mike Csikos – 3:38:46
Carrie Davies – 4:11:02
Greg Gohlke – 3:35:50
Danny Golden – 3:22:30
Kevin Golden – 4:04:07
Joseph Killeen – 2:57:55
Pam Meaux - 3:32:25
Skip Moschell – 3:13:37
Brandon Sager – 3:00:16


Sunday Run 4-3-11

Getting a bit warmer but still nice...

group run

Post Sunday run pictures at Hubble & Hudson on Research 3-20-11

Strong turnout for the Sunday run. A few drop-ins and a new member made an appearance. While some started at 5:30 for 20, most ran 10 at 7 am. A bit warmer these days but nothing like it will be in a few months.

group run

Group picture of the Sunday run from Brooklyn Cafe 2-6-11

A good turn out for the Sunday run! While it was a cold morning (~32 F), it was warmer then the last four mornings!

group run

Sunday Run from Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen (1-2-11)

We had a cool (35F) run at 7 am from Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen off Research. Most ran 10 miles but a few hardy soles started earlier and ran 14-22 miles... New location, new routes, a great way to start the new year!

group run