Sunday Run 4-3-11

Getting a bit warmer but still nice...

group run

Post Sunday run pictures at Hubble & Hudson on Research 3-20-11

Strong turnout for the Sunday run. A few drop-ins and a new member made an appearance. While some started at 5:30 for 20, most ran 10 at 7 am. A bit warmer these days but nothing like it will be in a few months.

group run

Group picture of the Sunday run from Brooklyn Cafe 2-6-11

A good turn out for the Sunday run! While it was a cold morning (~32 F), it was warmer then the last four mornings!

group run

Sunday Run from Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen (1-2-11)

We had a cool (35F) run at 7 am from Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen off Research. Most ran 10 miles but a few hardy soles started earlier and ran 14-22 miles... New location, new routes, a great way to start the new year!

group run


600 days, 4 hours, 10 minutes since The Woodlands Marathon.

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