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Coronavirus News: Live Updates

1 hour 34 min ago

Developing countries are at risk of missing debt payments. The Met Opera has canceled its fall season.

Six Months of Coronavirus: Here’s Some of What We’ve Learned

4 hours 31 min ago

Much remains unknown and mysterious, but these are some of the things we’re pretty sure of after half a year of this pandemic.

Medical Workers Should Use Respirator Masks, Not Surgical Masks

4 hours 37 min ago

The surgical masks used in risky settings like hospitals offer much less protection against the coronavirus, an analysis found.

How Do You Decide if Children Can Play Together Again?

5 hours 16 min ago

As always, parents must weigh the risks, look at what the experts say and make decisions based on their own level of comfort.

U.S. Sends Two Million Doses of Hydroxychloroquine to Brazil

5 hours 53 min ago

The two countries are studying whether the drug is safe and effective for the prevention and early treatment of Covid-19. Nicaragua has become a place of midnight burials.

After 6 Months, Important Mysteries About Coronavirus Endure

6 hours 8 min ago

Times journalists summarize some of the most critical things that scientists and public health officials have yet to understand.

Mass Extinctions Are Accelerating, Scientists Report

6 hours 43 min ago

Five hundred species are likely to become extinct over the next two decades, according to a new study.

Live Coronavirus News Updates

7 hours 12 min ago

“You see mass gatherings that could potentially be infecting hundreds and hundreds of people after everything we have done,” New York’s governor said. Hong Kong has banned an annual Tiananmen Square vigil, citing the virus.

U.S. and Chinese Scientists Trace Evolution of Coronaviruses in Bats

8 hours 39 min ago

Researchers whose canceled U.S. grant caused an outcry from other scientists urge preventive monitoring of viruses in southwestern China.

Will Protests Set Off a Second Viral Wave?

11 hours 26 min ago

Across the country, mayors, public health experts and other officials worry that even though many protesters are wearing masks, the risk of new coronavirus cases will increase as thousands gather.

Coronavirus Spread Speeds Up, Even as Nations Reopen

11 hours 40 min ago

In just the last week, even as some countries move to reopen, 700,000 new infections have been reported as the virus takes firmer hold in Latin America and the Middle East. The Boston Marathon has been canceled for 2020.

C.D.C. Suggests Big Changes to Offices: Temperature Checks and Desk Shields

13 hours 1 min ago

Temperature checks, desk shields and no public transit: The guidelines would remake office life. Some may decide it’s easier to keep employees at home.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Infections Spike and Wane Unevenly Across the U.S.

13 hours 57 min ago

Hong Kong has banned an annual Tiananmen Square vigil, citing the virus. Protests in the United States have raised concerns about a second wave of infections.

A Virus-Hunter Falls Prey to a Virus He Underestimated

16 hours 56 min ago

Peter Piot, 71, one of the giants of Ebola and AIDS research, is still battling a coronavirus infection that hit him “like a bus” in March.

Do Runners Need to Wear Masks?

Sun, 05/31/2020 - 14:30

Some people have taken to yelling (online and off) at people exercising without masks. But does it really matter?

Zappos Offers to Listen to Pandemic Worries

Sun, 05/31/2020 - 09:48

In response to rising anxiety over the coronavirus, the shoe retailer Zappos started a customer service line that people can call for anything — even to chat.

Testing Is Key to Beating Coronavirus, Right? Japan Has Other Ideas

Sat, 05/30/2020 - 23:47

The country has reported fewer deaths than other major nations and ended a state of emergency even while maintaining a low testing rate.

Live Coronavirus Pandemic Updates: G7, Lake of the Ozarks, W.H.O., India, California

Sat, 05/30/2020 - 22:42

The German chancellor had announced earlier Saturday that she would not travel to the U.S. for the G7. Businesses are starting up again, but workers commuting by public transportation face dilemmas.

Scientists Question Major Hydroxychloroquine Study

Sat, 05/30/2020 - 09:54

Experts demanded verification of data and methods used in a study of drugs to treat Covid-19. The study suggested the drugs might have increased deaths.

Coronavirus Continues to Disrupt Prescription Drug Supplies

Sat, 05/30/2020 - 08:24

Patients who rely on chloroquine and other medications fear they won’t be able to get needed refills because of high demand.

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