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UnitedHealth Ships Flu Kits to Medicare Recipients

10 hours 17 min ago

Under MedAdvantage plans, the major insurer is sending packages including Tamiflu and coronavirus tests to those considered especially vulnerable to Covid and the flu.

Wikipedia and W.H.O. Join to Combat Covid-19 Misinformation

13 hours 1 min ago

The health agency will license much of its material to the online encyclopedia, allowing the information to be reposted widely into almost 200 languages.

Voting in a Covid Pandemic: Wear a Mask and Bring Your Own Pens

16 hours 15 min ago

A new C.D.C. report cites lessons learned from Delaware’s primary and suggests that voters could use some instruction in the right way to wear a mask.

Two Companies Restart Virus Trials in U.S. After Safety Pauses

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 21:58

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have restarted their late-stage trials after finding that serious illnesses in a few volunteers appeared not to be related to the vaccines.

Experts Tell F.D.A. It Should Gather More Safety Data on Covid-19 Vaccines

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 18:27

In a highly anticipated meeting of the agency’s vaccine advisory board, some said that the current guidelines, which require two months of safety data after a volunteer has been vaccinated, were not enough.

The Trump Administration Shut a Vaccine Safety Office Last Year. What’s the Plan Now?

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 18:17

The office was dedicated to the long-term safety of vaccines. Experts say plans to track coronavirus vaccines are fragmented and “behind the eight ball.”

5 Ways Families Can Prepare as Coronavirus Cases Surge

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 15:59

As winter approaches, we still need to be vigilant about taking precautions.

A Viral Theory Cited by Health Officials Draws Fire From Scientists

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 13:34

A manifesto urging reliance on “herd immunity” without lockdowns was warmly received by administration officials. But the strategy cannot stem the pandemic, many experts say.

At 12, She’s a Covid ‘Long Hauler’

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 12:26

Although most young people recover quickly, doctors are seeing some children and teens with lingering fatigue and other chronic problems.

Why Are TikTok Teens Listening to an Album About Dementia?

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 11:57

Creepypasta meets esoterica in an ongoing meme.

Covid-19 Deaths: The Price for Not Wearing Masks is Perhaps 130,000 Lives

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 10:20

The pandemic death toll could be lowered by next spring if more Americans wear masks, a new analysis finds.

The Price for Not Wearing Masks: Perhaps 130,000 Lives

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 10:20

The pandemic death toll could be lowered by next spring if more Americans wear masks, a new analysis finds.

James Redford, Documentarian and Environmentalist, Dies at 58

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 08:58

After two liver transplants, he founded an institute to increase awareness. He and his father, Robert Redford, also championed environmental films.

Mask Mandate? In a Montana Town, It ‘Puts Us at Odds With Customers’

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 22:18

In Hamilton, business owners are walking a tightrope between keeping people safe from the coronavirus and not driving them away.

Schoolchildren Seem Unlikely to Fuel Coronavirus Surges, Scientists Say

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 18:23

Researchers once feared that school reopenings might spread the virus through communities. But so far there is little evidence that it’s happening.

F.D.A. Approves Remdesivir as First Drug to Treat Covid-19

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 17:29

The move indicated that the drug had cleared more rigorous hurdles since it was given emergency authorization in May.

No, Mouthwash Will Not Save You From the Coronavirus

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 13:53

Even if people coated the inside of their mouths with a coronavirus-killing chemical, a substantial amount of the virus would still remain in the body.

No Grumpy Old Men in the Chimp World

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 13:00

Older male chimps follow a pattern that researchers also see in humans, preferring to have positive relationships with a few good friends.

OSHA Criticized for Lax Regulation of Meatpacking in Pandemic

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 09:38

Critics say the agency has applied scant oversight and negligible penalties despite virus outbreaks at many plants in the spring.

The Pandemic’s Real Toll? 300,000 Deaths, and It’s Not Just From the Coronavirus

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 08:18

A C.D.C. analysis finds that overall death rates have risen, particularly among young adults and people of color.

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