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Transgender Woman Says CVS Pharmacist Refused to Fill Hormone Prescription

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 19:29

An Arizona woman said a pharmacist denied the prescription in April. The pharmacist is no longer employed by the company, a CVS spokesman said.

Fukushima’s Nuclear Imprint Is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don’t Panic)

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 17:50

A French research team says it has stumbled on the Japanese disaster’s signature in California wine, but the radioactive levels are too low to be dangerous.

Bayer Will Stop Selling the Troubled Essure Birth Control Implants

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 17:41

Thousands of women have sued the company, claiming that the device has caused severe harm, including perforation of the uterus, hemorrhaging and death.

Ask Well: Does Fidgeting Counter the Harmful Effects of Sitting?

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 04:00

Any movement, no matter how slight, counts as physical activity and can be good for your health.

Merck Is Lowering Drug Prices. There’s a Catch.

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 21:35

The drugs singled out for discounts include the flagging hepatitis C treatment Zepatier and six drugs that have lost their patent protection.

A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 21:28

A New Zealand firm reduced its workweek to 32 hours over four days, and found that workers were more productive during their time at work.

Doctors and Health Workers Reflect on Rural America’s Limited Access to Care

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:18

Medical professionals and health care industry workers describe the hardships involved in trying to provide care in rural areas.

mind: Psychology Itself Is Under Scrutiny

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 13:56

Many famous studies of human behavior cannot be reproduced. Even so, they revealed aspects of our inner lives that feel true.

Well : Parents Aren’t Good Judges of Their Kids’ Sugar Intake

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:38

Three-quarters of parents underestimated the total amount of sugar in common foods like juice, yogurt and pizza.

What Surfing With My Niece Taught Me About Life

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 07:02

Turns out that in surfing, as in life, fear of falling can lead to more falls.

Bowing to Trump, Novartis Joins Pfizer in Freezing Drug Prices

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 23:25

The move comes as drug companies scramble to show they are responding to criticism about their rising prices, including from President Trump.

Take a Number: More Americans Are Dying of Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 17:49

Death rates from both diseases have risen sharply, particularly among young adults over the last decade. A possible villain: the Great Recession.

Yes, Nurses Have ‘Physically Taxing’ Jobs. And a $20.8 Million Settlement.

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 14:33

New York City just admitted to discriminating against nurses by denying them early retirement benefits enjoyed by plumbers and exterminators.

Sleep Tied to Teenagers’ Metabolic Health

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 13:52

Adolescents who got enough sleep had a lower risk of metabolic problems.

Heart Failure May Be More Lethal in Women

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 11:37

Men tend to get heart failure more often than women do, but women are more likely to die from the disease.

Dr. Alan S. Rabson, Influential Cancer Researcher, Is Dead at 92

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 11:36

A longtime leader of the National Cancer Institute, he was known for his willingness to help anyone with a cancer diagnosis seeking advice or a referral.

Phys Ed: To Stretch or Not to Stretch? Athletes Put It to the Test

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 04:00

The answer could depend on how we feel about stretching and what kind of exercise — and stretching — we intend to do.

Trilobites: 3-D Color X-Rays Could Help Spot Deadly Disease Without Surgery

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 22:49

A new medical scanner, derived from technology used by particle physics researchers at CERN, “is like the upgrade from black-and-white film to color,” one of its developers said.

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