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TWRC wants to hear from you! Many of the questions asked have already been answered on the FAQ page under the Information tab. Please review the FAQ and the rest of the information on the website before emailing. The club does not have a physical address but letters can be sent to: The Woodlands Running Club, P.O. Box 130105, The Woodlands, TX 77393

Please use the contact form below and the correct category to email the most appropriate person.

Present Club Officers & Committee Members for 2019/2020

President - Leslie Hajdo
Vice President - Mary-Ellen Wilderman-Hay
Secretary - Kristin Collins
Treasurer - Pam Meaux
Registrar - Edson Jones

Fast Run Group (ZDT) - Chris Weir
Club Runs - JoAnn Blakeley
Club Uniforms - Detlef Boss
Social Committee - Mitch Hall & Sonia Carr
Junior Running Program - 2019-2020 TBD

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