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• Arrive ON TIME to each organized run. We will start with a warm up.
• Sign out at every group run (sign out is where you log your miles).
• Wear good running shoes and a comfortable outfit.
• Bring a water bottle to every run.

• Be courteous to other runners.

• Stay on the outside lanes (no running in the first two lanes which are reserved for faster adults) on Knox Middle School track.

• Listen to all instructions.


We will keep track of your miles through our sign out sheet. When you arrive to a group run, and complete your run, you must sign out and tell the coach how many miles you logged. If you forget to sign out, we will have no record of your miles so this is very important.

We will send an updated record of the miles every 2 weeks via email.

You will also receive a link to a running log via email. You can print the log and keep track of your runners’ miles in that log.

If your runner participates in an official race you can show the bib to a coach during one of the organized runs to add those miles, or send us an email with a picture of the bib along with the race information.

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