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The Woodlands Running Club Juniors Program is now open

As always, time goes too quickly, and our children are already returning to school. The Juniors' Running and Scholarships programs represent major components of The Woodlands Running Club's contributions to our running community.

In case you have not seen it on our Website or heard about it during one of our Sunday runs, please know that we awarded four scholarships as follows:
• First place female ($2000) is Lizz Davison (The Woodlands High School), who will be attending University of South Carolina.
• Second female ($1000) is Jessica Myers (The Woodlands College Park High School), who will be going to Texas State University.
• First place male ($2000) is Jonathan Letai (College Park High School) who will be attending Cornell University.
• Second male ($1000) is Brian Ross (The John Cooper School); Brian will be attending The University of Texas at Austin.

The Junior's program is a vibrant part of our Club. We love our sport and want our children to experience it. The kids really get into it, and we often have over 200 participants who complete the program by the end of February. The Program helps feed our scholarship pipeline. Julia and Gabe Belforti have again volunteered to lead it. The season will start on Sept 14th with an opening run at the Woodlands High School 9th Grade campus track. Amie Quinn, from Selectri, will conduct a warm-up. This year we will use electronic recording of laps and distances.

Please sign up your children through our Website and spread the enthusiasm to your friends and their children.

Have a great end of summer!

Leslie Hajdo,
President of The Woodladns Running Club

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