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TWRC Scholarship (Due March 31st)

Since May 2009, The Woodlands Running Club (“TWRC”) has awarded two college scholarships to seniors who graduate in May or June from high schools in The Woodlands area. The scholarships are awarded to one female and one male graduate who have evidenced a strong commitment to running. The scholarship program was started as an initiative of former TWRC President Tony Allison and board members in 2009. That year the scholarships were $1000 each and in 2010 the amount of the scholarships were increased to $1500 each. The scholarship amount was increased to $2000 each in 2014.

The application process opens each year in early spring. Applications can be downloaded from the TWRC website. (Application Below) The application consists of a short questionnaire/essay that must be completed by each applicant. Once the application is completed, it must be mailed to the TWRC Scholarship Committee at the address on the application. All applications must be postmarked by no later than March 31st.

Criteria for TWRC’s awarding of these scholarships are as follows:

• Expected graduation in May or June from one of the following schools: The Woodlands High School, The Woodlands College Park High School, Oak Ridge High School, The John Cooper School, The Woodlands Christian Academy and The Woodlands Academy Prep School or any senior student of a current TWRC member who may attend another area school not listed previously, but meets all other criteria below.;
• Evidence of past interest in and commitment to running;
• Stated commitment to continuing running;
• Current good standing on her/his school’s track or cross-country running team;
• Strong academic performance;
• Active participation in extracurricular activities and community service and evidence of good citizenship;
• Expected enrollment as a full-time college or university student in the fall;

Once the application deadline has expired, all applications will be reviewed by a TWRC member who is not part of the Scholarship Committee. This member’s role will be to remove any identifying information on the applications to insure that the Scholarship Committee members do not know the identity of the applicants during the selection process. Once the personal information has been removed from the applications, they will be sent to Scholarship Committee members for review. The members will then convene and vote on the applicants. The female and male applicant receiving the most votes will be awarded the scholarship.

The winners of the 2009 scholarship were Erin Miller and Ste