Existing TWRC Club members have been imported.

Existing TWRC Club members have been imported.

November 14, 2023 Uncategorized 0


All members that have paid dues between April 1st and November 10th 2023 on either the old TWRC website OR direct via PayPal have been imported into the new website.

About the import:
Password were not imported, please reset your password to login.
You can use your email address* OR “user name” to login. Your “user name” is your first and last name but one word (e.g. no space) For example: John Doe’s user name is “johndoe”.
Only Family membership have access to the Junior’s registration form
Only current TWRC members for 2023-2024 were imported.

If you have reset your password but did not get the reset email, PLEASE check these two items:
[1] Your email spam\junk folder.
[2] The email you used to sign up for the club. Is it the same one you are trying to reset?

*We used the email address we found in your PayPal order records.  IF that is not the email address you would like the TWRC website to use, please change it  once you login.

Questions? Issues? Please use the contact form to contact the website admin